Clay Sculptor Tutorial (Beginner’s)

If you are planning for carve a model then remember few things.
1. Imagine basic character or any object it may be a dragon, human face, animal or technical model or basic shapes it depends on your thoughts and requirement.

2. Tack a plane white paper, pencil and start drawing whatever just you imagine. First you should draw model having basic shapes.

3. Because you are going to make clay sculptor you need base to hold model, so tack a piece of wood for base of your model. Size of wood piece depends on your model’s height and width. Purchase of cut wood piece according to your need.

4. Make wire frame from aluminum wire. For example if you are making a humanoid model then make wire frame by rolling wire around, to look like human skeleton and attach them properly to wooden base by nails/screws. Remember your wire frame will hide fully by clay so keep wire frame neat to hold clay.
5. Now you can apply clay to your wire frame. First apply some amount of clay then gradually apply more clay give desired shape. 

6. Now it is time to give some details. So give shapes like eye ball and muscles, cloths then smooth and make sharp edges according to model.

7. Now your model is ready to give some fine details. Carve hair, wrinkles, and veins.

8. Let your model dry and harden.

9. Now you can paint and polish your sculpture and give cool looks, this will preserve your Sculpted
    Model you can also frame it, this will keep your model safe.

10. Congregations!  Your model is finished. 

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